Welcome to the home of the Watertown Ultimate Frisbee League!  

This summer marks our 11th year of competition, fun, and friendships!!

This is the home of the Watertown Ultimate Frisbee League (better known as WUFL).  This league operates each summer in Watertown, CT since 2005!  We play the great sport of Ultimate and have divisions for both experienced/highly competitive ultimate frisbee teams as well as beginners who are just learning how to play ultimate frisbee.  Thanks to all those who have played and continue to play year in and year out for being a part of the fun!

The links on the left will take you to information about the league, how to register, and lots of other info.  For those who may need it, there's information on how the game of Ultimate works and the specific rules that we use in our league.  

If you have any questions that you can't find the answers to on this site, feel free to e-mail me at street@watertownultimate.com or call/text me at 203-558-2746!  Thank you for your interest in the Watertown Ultimate Frisbee League . . . SEE YOU AT THE FIELDS!!


Watertown Ultimate Frisbee League

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Session 1 Tournament Time!!

Here are the tournament details:

  • As the top overall seed in Division A, the Island of Misfit Boys receives a pass out of pool play and will be the #1 seed for the 8-Team Championship Bracket
  • The remaining 12 teams have been serpentine-seeded into four pools based on regular-season standings as follows:
    • ​Pool A - Flying Beers, Bros & Throws, Ven Conmigo Tortuga
    • Pool B - Throwbots, Goon Squad, Scoober Doo & The Mystery Gang
    • ​Pool C - Crunchwrap Supreme, Waffle Stomp, Justdisc League
    • Pool D - Founding Papas, Angry Beards, Western Airbenders
  • ​Pool play:
    • Pool A will play at WHS on Monday (see schedule)
    • Pool B will play at Vets #2 on Monday (see schedule)
    • Pool C will play at Vets #1 on Monday (see schedule)
    • Pool D will play at JTPS on Monday (see schedule)
    • ​Games to 7 points with a 50 minute hard time cap
  • ​The top 7 teams in pool play will advance to the 8-team Championship Bracket based on:
    • ​Pool play record, with the tie-breaker being pool play point differential (NOTE - if two teams finish with IDENTICAL Pool play Records AND Differential, the team who finished higher in the regular season will advance)
    • Teams will be seeded #2-#8 for the Championship Bracket based on the above criteria
  • ​Tournament Quarterfinals will be played on Tuesday (7/7) - Games to 11 (50 minute soft cap)
  • Tournament Semifinals will be played on Wednesday (7/8) - Games to 13 (50 minute soft cap)
  • Session 1 Championship will be played on Thursday (7/9) - Game to 15 (50 minute soft cap)


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